About Us

IT Hub is a Managed IT Service Provider for small and medium businesses serving the North Bay (Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg and more). Our goal is to manage and maintain your network, to reduce downtime, errors, data loss, virus and spyware infections, and other issues that could hinder computer users from working efficiently.

Why Managed IT?

Often in a small business environment, it isn't financially feasible to hire a full time IT Technician. When problems come up, they can be costly to repair, and your company's downtime can cost even more than the repair service itself.

Managed IT Services empower small business to have the neccessary dedicated support, for a reasonable price. With monthly and yearly payment options, you'll be able to budget your IT Support, and avoid unexpected costs.

About the Owner: Ryan Cudia

I've been passionate about support and customer service for a number of years. From my experience, clients really just want an honest, responsive, trustworthy company to work with. I try to bring that to my clients with IT Hub. We specialize in technology services, but my goal is to provide the best service experience possible to every client every time, with no exceptions. Part of that experience is doing the job, and doing it well, but another large part is showing respect, humility and professionalism.