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You need technology to 'just work' because your headspace is needed, and more valuable, elsewhere.

We deliver security-first IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) that provide peace of mind and allow you to focus on what matters most - running your business. With an emphasis on cloud technologies, we can provide scalable and flexible IT solutions that work for your entire team – wherever they may be.

Passionately delivered IT services by a team that cares

Our friendly team of IT superheroes provide a comprehensive set of skills and services. We go beyond the conventional realm of technical support, striving to understand the unique needs of your business, then tap into a wide range of proven technologies to find the right mix for you. With a team that truly cares, our passionately delivered IT services become a catalyst for your continued growth and success.

Learn about some of our core services below.

Cloud Solutions

Tired of the endless server refresh cycle and the associated capital expenditures? As a Microsoft 365 Cloud Partner, we can help you determine if the cloud is right for your business workloads and budget. If a cloud based eco-system makes sense, we can design a solution, along with a plan to effectively migrate your workloads with minimal disruption, cost and risk.

Benefits of Cloud

  • Allows you to move away from owning your own servers and the associated administrative burdens.
  • Secure access to your data and applications from anywhere.
  • Cost-efficient and flexible integration of servers.
  • Storage and advanced software with updates and security patches handled by the provider.
Co-Managed IT

Already have internal IT? We can amplify their impact.

As businesses expand, they often prioritize profit centers in their hiring strategy. While these new teams contribute to increased revenue, they also generate additional IT requests, placing a burden on lean in-house IT teams. We can help streamline the operations of small in-house IT teams by relieving them of cumbersome tasks and providing efficiency-boosting tools to effectively manage the IT environment.

The outcome?

We reclaim valuable time for IT professionals. Offload your routine IT tasks, allowing you to concentrate on high-impact projects that directly contribute to your company's bottom line.

Data Backup & Recovery

Managed Backups allow you to rest easy knowing your company’s most valuable resources are protected from natural disasters and human errors. In today's digital landscape, users inadvertently lose files by deleting them, overwriting them or when hardware fails. All your critical business files are backed up in a remote data center and can be restored anywhere you need them.

Choosing the right backup solution is critical – having it set up and managed properly is equally important. We can help you do both. We provide configuration management and support to ensure your backups follow best practices and stay optimized for performance.

Device Management

Device Management serves as a crucial yet often overlooked component of network security, addressing key vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit. Servers and computers are complex machines that require consistent maintenance and repair for optimal performance and extended usability.

Our expert device management services provide comprehensive oversight and control of your systems through state-of-the-art remote monitoring and management tools. We automate security patching of operating systems and select third-party applications to help secure your network and ensure seamless operation. We enforce security policies to safeguard device data, such as password complexity, device encryption, and enable remote wipe capabilities should a device be lost or stolen.

In addition, we monitor for end-of-life status, warranty expiration, and manufacturer end-of-support status for hardware, operating systems, and other applications, to ensure your environment stays healthy and secure.

IT Support

Dealing with hardware issues, password resets, and computer troubleshooting can become a significant distraction when it falls on you to identify and resolve these issues. We remove the need for hiring and managing your own in-house IT team while still providing the same rapid response time.

Our best-in-class remote management tools allow us to monitor and instantly connect and control problematic devices, so we're able to quickly respond and resolve ongoing service requests. When issues arise, you can count on our IT Service Management (ITSM) team to help get your staff back to work, keeping your team productive.


You need software and hardware that caters to your business model, aligns with your budget, and offers room for growth. We use these key factors to procure the technologies that enhance your ability to do business, streamline operations, and boost productivity.

The IT Hub difference is we partner with best-in-class vendors, and only recommend hardware and software solutions that we would use ourselves.

Security Awareness & HIPAA Trainings

Unfortunately, most data breaches are caused by internal employees.
One minute it’s a normal busy day, next thing you know, someone accidentally clicks on the wrong link, wires money to the wrong account, gives away personal identifiable information, or allows an outsider access to the network.

To help prevent this, we deliver short, engaging micro-trainings to your team through online video modules and periodic phishing simulations. Their engagement and compliance are measured in real time and reported to management through our security dashboard.

Does your business need to be HIPAA compliant? We can provide your team with training modules on HIPAA policies and best practices, too.

VoIP & Communication Solutions

Stay connected with your team, and your customers, reliably and cost-effectively. Whether you prefer physical handsets or softphones, our unified communication solutions offer flexibility and convenience for your modern workforce, wherever they choose to work.

  • Answer from your laptop - call, chat, and text with ease through the desktop application.
  • Stay connected on the go - with app support for mobile devices and tablets, too.
  • Security - all your data is encrypted & securely stored.
  • 99.99% uptime - through low bandwidth usage and distributed cloud architecture.
  • Call quality - high-definition voice.
  • Scalability - to grow with your business.
  • Seamless integrations - with the tools your business already uses, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zendesk, Google and more.

Your path to technology bliss starts here

We'll start with a fit assessment to determine if our services are what you need. After, the typical onboarding process can be broken down into four phases. Analyze, reduce risk, optimize, and report.

Phase 1.

We start by completing a detailed analysis of your current environment, reporting on issues, vulnerabilities, and key actionable items. We then present a comprehensive service proposal tailored to your unique needs.

Phase 2.
Reduce Risk

Initial remediation and/or projects required to stabilize and secure your environment are completed. We apply the latest industry standards for network security and data protection.

Phase 3.

We implement enterprise class automation technology to keep your infrastructure healthy. Critical issues are identified, reported on, and resolved in real time.

Phase 4.

We provide consistent executive reporting for insight into the results being delivered to your organization.

The many benefits of outsourced IT

Leave IT to us and get back to what you do best - running your business.

Meeting the dynamic IT requirements of both you and your customers is crucial to better business, but having an in-house team to address these needs can be impractical for many SMBs. With our simple, per-seat pricing model, our professional IT services are accessible now and you get transparent, predictable pricing as your business continues to grow.

When you partner with us, you get decades of experience and access to the latest technologies. We increase operational efficiency, boost productivity, maximize your return on investment, and ensure reliability for greater peace of mind.

Ready to right your IT ship?

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